Tutti Frutti Barnet Fair

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Gel polish treatments

A Gel polish applied to the nail and cured under UV rays to provide a high shine that will last for up to 2 weeks.

Gel hands with one colour £20.00

Gel French finish hands  £25.00

Gel feet £20.00

Gel French feet finish £30.00

Soak off with file and oil finish £14.00

Soak off and Gel hands or feet £30.00

Gel hands and feet one colour £35.00

Nail strength or hard gel £18.00

Super strength nail treatment £10.00

Callus peel treatment ( hard skin removal) £20.00

UV Hard Gel

Natural nail gel overlay with gel polish £28.00

Gel overlay removal £10.00

Full set of gel extensions with gel polish £35.00

Infill's- 2wks £20.00, 3wks £25.00, 4wks+ New set required

Gel extension removal £10.00 with mini tidy up £15.00

Infill's do not include nail repairs.

Free nail art on ring finger. Nail art, diamonds, foils, glitter from 50p per nail.

Nails designs are at an extra cost depending on what design is required. These are prices individually.

Paraffin wax treatments

Luxury paraffin hand treatment £30.00

A hand treatment to help soften the hands, providing pain relief to sore joints

Luxury paraffin wax foot treatment £37.00

A foot treatment including a cleanse, massage and skin softening with paraffin wax.

Signature T.F.B.F. Manicure

A good manicure  £35.00  Add Gel polish £50

A relaxing manicure, cleansed, cuticle work, shaping and repair work to nails if required, exfoliation, mask, massage to hands and forearms, nail treatments, a choice of polish to finish

Signature T.F.B.F Pedicure

A refreshing pedicure £40.00  Add Gel polish £55.00

A recovery to the feet, cleansed, washed in a bubbly bath, nail clipped, shaped, hard skin removals. Swedish massage to the foot and shin area. Refreshed and dried then your choice of polish to finish.

Polygel Enhancement

Lighter and stronger than any other nail enhancement.

Not a hard gel, not acrylic, Gelish *POLYGEL* combines the best of both in revolutionary all in one system that is undeniably better


It has taken years in development and extensively salon tested.

Polygel delivers strong, flexible, feather light nails that is odourless and with no airborne dust.

Full set £40.00

Full set with one colour Gel polish £55.00

Natural overlays £30.00

Natural overlays with Gel polish £45.00

Free form sculpture with gel polish £60.00

Baby bloomers/ French £66

Infill's/ rebalancing from £27.00

Removal and your nails tidy £12.00

Please note:-

A full consultation will be taken with a medical history. As certain medication and health conditions can effect the Gel polish or normal polish. This will be completed on a form. Prior to the service.