Tutti Frutti Barnet Fair

    Professional hair, beauty, nails and S.P.M.U. 36 St Helen's Street, Ipswich Suffolk, IP4  2JZ.   Call : 01473 874643    


Currently updating this page with more info


Bush stroke brow £275.00

Powder/ Block brow £250.00

Ombre/Combo brow £250.00


Lip liner £195.00

Lip liner and blush £250.00

Lip liner and ombre blush £275.00

Full colour lip £225.00


Eyeliner top £170.00

Lash enhancement £190.00

Eyeliner bottom £190.00

Eyeliner top and bottom £350.00


6wks £80.00, 12 mths £170.00, 12mths+ £250.00

Chemical peel

Chemical peel £80.00 per treatment.

Chemical peel course. Please ask for more info.

Micro needling

Micro needling £150.00. For a course of treatments please ask.

New treatments are currently being trained and educated in. Once completed these will be on the website.